Fan Convention Preparations at BGSU

Preparations for the 15th Animarathon at BGSU are underway.

The convention is a “is a family friendly celebration of Anime, Japanese Media and Nerd Culture,” held in the Union at the University. The event is put on by the student organization Anime in Northwest Ohio (ANO).

The events and panels at the convention are made to be inclusive of all types of fandoms. Alex Kidd, the president of ANO, said the attendants play a part in is covered at Animarathon.

Animarathon Quick Facts
When: March 25, 9 A.M.-Midnight

Where: Bowen Thompson Student Union, 1st-3rd Floors

Ticket Prices
BGSU Students $7
General Admission $10
Pre-Registration* $15
*Pre-Registration comes with perks

“We don’t cater to specific fandoms, because that’s up to the fans who come to Animarathon and submit their panels,” said Kidd. “Usually, you will see a wide variety of topics covered from specific shows and video games, to fandoms, and even professional wrestling sometimes!”

Events include cosplay contests, an artist’s alley, tabletop and video games, and a rave.

“This year, we will be having a live band play for us, which is a new addition to Animarathon, but other than that, we haven’t announced any new things that will be going on at the convention,” Kidd said.

ANO tries to get special guests for Animarathon each year. Dirk Manning, writer and creator of the comic series “Tales of Mr. Rhee”, as well as a BGSU alumni, will be at the convention again this year.

“He loves coming and wants to be a part of it every year,” Kidd said.

Other special guests for this year include Vinesauce live-streamer GeePM and Blitzkrieg Cosplay. Kidd and vice-president William Williams actually met GeePM at a convention in Dayton

“He was interested in coming to Animarathon for free, just for fun, because he’s a Findlay local,” Kidd said. “We still are offering him compensation, of course, as he’s quite popular and comes from one of the most popular livestreaming groups.”

Past guests include Michelle Czajkowski, creator of the web-comic “Ava’s Demon” and voice actress Nicki Rapp.

Though Animarathon is normally a one-day event, there is to make the convention a two-day event for 2018.

“Looking at our numbers, we realized that we had 3-4k attendees in the past few years, and figured that if there are tiny cons of only a few hundred people doing three-day cons, then why not bump ours to two?” Kidd said. “We always have people asking about a longer con each year, so we thought we’d test it out.”

Kidd hopes that Animarathon attendants will have a memorable experience at the convention.

“We may not be as big as Ohayocon or Colossalcon, but we still strive to offer the best convention experience that we can,” Kidd said. We want people to remember the fun times that they had, the new friends that they met, and the desire to attend more conventions in the future with those friends.”

Animarathon is March 25, from 9 a.m. to midnight. Tickets for BGSU students are $7, general admission is $10 and pre-registration is $15.

*Featured image from the 2017 Animarathon Archive


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